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Feb 02, 2010
So on my privateer there is a level 37 talent its called valor's fortress for level 37's and i am lvl 41 well for some reason it wont let me claim it?? can someone please help and if noone else it having this happen please fix my acc ki

Kind reguards
~Sneaky wolf parker 57
~Witty wolf nelson 41

Hi! it sounds like you are missing a pre-requisite power to be able to train Valor's Fortress. You might want to check your quest log to see if you still have an old Trainer Quest for your character that you haven't completed yet.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jan 26, 2013
hmm i'm not very happy kingisle you missed a spot.

the bucc reckless frenzy has a HUGGEEEEEEEEE GLITCHHHHHHHH

if the skill kills a bucc from losing too much health the buc will not die he will continue to attack despite his death.

what's worse and this is A VERY BIG WORSE every person companion captain anyone who gets hits with the move while the buc is dead INSTANTLY counts as dead and is killed.

for some reason the game can not tell who is dead or alive and people are starting to ruin pvp by exploiting this bug by instantly killing whole teams of people then coming back with a heal

i played the beta i had a lot of patience mostly.. with the faults but this needs fixing now.

Also i will take my time to ask why there is not a new pvp arena somewhere not in skull island. you have the arena in aquilla you got the eprfect location just put a place we can pvp away from the low levels taking up space let them enjoy PVP by taking us high guys away from them it's really putting a strain on my continued following of the game when you fail to do things so important