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giving other classes our strength?

May 13, 2011
buccaneers are known for being very tough and hard to kill. one reason is our defense buffs. i was farming friar sand and i got a swashbuckler coat that gives leviathans call. really? defense is our only strength and you give our best defense move to a big damage dealer class? no wonder why people put buccaneers at the bottom of the list. fragile damage dealers get sturdy thanks to our own skills, getting strength in both offense AND defense while our offense is still weak. are you serious?

May 05, 2011
Wow.. LOL Calm down, other classes have the right to get epic powers from gear they worked hard for. For instance, my buccaneer has Backstab, my Swash has repel boarders, there are many Witches with Musketeer powers; etc. Its normal for other classes to get powers like these.