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Ghoul Monster

May 02, 2009
In the next creepy, dark, dead-rising area in Pirate101, I believe It would be cool to see some of Wizard101's ol' Gravediggin' Ghouls. They would be like the Evil Spirits, being Witchdoctors but not attacking at range, they would know Witch Hunter, Blade Storm 2 and Relentless. They also know Jobu's Breath and Ghostwail. They summon their powers like their shovels are a baseball bat. For their critical, they turn around dig up a big heap of dirt and throw it at their enemy. For their regular attacks they would call a hand full of dirt from the ground to their hands and throw it at the enemey or throw their shovel at the enemy. Their victory dance is spinning the shovel around and placing it on their shoulder, like the Chicken Miner and his pick-axe, then returning to his default state. His default state is how the ghouls look on Wizard101. Their defeat is that they dig their own grave with three shovel fulls and fall in the grave. Tell me what you think .