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gear for melee witchdoctor

Feb 08, 2014
So I have been trying to find some good gear for a melee witch. I will be using a staffy/smashy weapon so my epics will still be able to activate. I have bought the Blue Anenome Hachimaki for Vicious Charge, a robe that gives me Back Stab, i'm not sure for boots(I cant remember if I have any good boots) Friar Sands Gourd, i'm farming Captain Hande for Stygian Charm(grants Assassin's Strike) And have some tower equipment. What is some good equipment that grants melee powers or anything that a melee would need.


Petty Officer
Nov 22, 2010
Lots and lots of forts. You can find these on the Earthern Charm and the Robe of the Houndini. Also, Eric Stormbringer has a video on his YouTube channel(Eric Stormbringer is his channel name) titled melee witchdoctor. You might want to stop by there. Otherwise, good luck!