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Game Update Notes Analysis/World Theory

Oct 04, 2012
So recently the game update notes just came out with everything in the new update

There are two specific things i saw in the pictures

First of all a level 75 old scratch and character was shown. My assumption is a new world might be added this year. I am 99.9% certain a world update is going to be revealed. I don’t think Ki would have us level up 5 times by side questing. Before i maxed leveled my musketeer a few years ago I had to do a few side quests to reach max. It would be tedious and boring if we had to.

Now again since its only 5 levels will the world be short or longer? Honestly hoping its longer than Valencia part 2 but only time will tell. For the world itself could be Polaris I mean its been mentioned multiple times. there is a skyway to it in Valencia. Possibly darkmoor or krokotopia but those two worlds has been mentioned like once so possibly not.

Second of all in the old scratch promotion i notice in the back Hawkules’ weapon is a bit different. His weapon has a silver ring around it and something poking out from the weapon. Most likely he will have a promotion and that’s great.

What do you all think?