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Game Crash Rumors

Sep 29, 2010
Have any of you heard rumors of what could happen to your game if your PC crashes, your power goes out or if you lose connection? I have, and I want to know if some of these are true.

These are the ones I remember seeing a while back.

"If you lose connection while in a mini-game, waiting for your character to load, or when switching realms, your game will be lost forever and will not be able to get recovered."

"If your power goes out while in a mini-game, waiting for your character to load, switching realms or in a tavern cellar, your game will either be lost, or you will never be able to access that character ever again, and every item on it will be lost."

"If your PC crashes while in a mini-game, waiting for your character to load, switching realms, being in a tavern cellar, or sailing through the stormgates, your game or character will be lost forever"

There were at least a dozen more that I have seen, but these are the only ones I can remember. Sadly, I don't remember what site I saw them on. It didn't look like an official Pirate101 website though, so that's why I'm questioning these rumors. And these aren't written exactly like the real posts were, but these are pretty accurate to what they were saying about the game crashing and losing connection and all that.

KI, are any of these true? Will my game truly be lost if I lose connection while playing a mini-game or switching realms?

~Faithful Wolf Freeman~ Level 65 Privateer, Vice Admiral

Not true. And if anything like this were to happen by some strange coincidence, all you would have to do is contact Customer Support at and they would restore your character completely.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Feb 08, 2011
Sometimes on mac with both pirate and wizard the screen will go white with only a corner showing. But your game will be frozen. This mostly happens while entering other areas.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I totally concur with Jack. The only time I have had the game crash was when I was going through a doorway or stormgate and everything has always loaded back up just fine. No worries. Them urban legends are getting as colorful and stretched as our pirate's battle stories.

Oct 27, 2009
Yes, One Eyed Jack is right. I've had Power go out mid game. I've had my computer freeze up mid game. I've lost internet connection from various reasons mid game. The worst that ever happens is that I had to repeat the fight I was in when I went off line. If the connection returned fast enough, or I was able to reboot the computer fast enough, sometimes I didn't even have to do that. I sometimes was able to return fast enough that my pirate was still in the same fight with my crew having battled in my absence and my fellow pirate not even noticed I was gone other than having missed a turn.