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Future Worlds

May 06, 2012
You've probably seen this thread a lot...Ideas for future worlds. Rumor has been spreading that Polaris just HAS to be the next world- except, that has been an idea in Wizard101 ever since Zafaria, and it didn't happen. Mirage has also been a small rumor. I personally think those would be great worlds to add- one to each game.

A bad rumor I heard was that KI may add Skull Island to Wizard101... but I don't think they would do that. I, for one, chose to disregard that rumor.

The Polaris rumor was very active after Azteca, you can look it up on YouTube... people who made videos saying that their parents work for KI and their parents told them it's Polaris- Hint: Never trust those people- They are lying...

I personally think they really need to add Grizzleheim to Pirate101. I loved it on Wiz, the viking/nomadic feel to it made me want to stay there for eternity. Adding the P101 combat system to it and putting it in Pirate would make me go all out, I'm sure many people feel the same way.

We all know that pirates fly around throughout the skyway, from island to island. You know what would be perfect for that? Krokotopia! "Of course! Why didn't they add that?" Krokotopia on wizard101 is a series of islands. They are connected by bridge ( The Oasis part ) by boat ( The Krokosphinx ) or teleporter ( Secret shop and Tomb of Storms ) This would be perfect for pirates- Plus the witchdoctors who were raised there.

Dragonspyre is a similar theory, however, Dragonspyre is almost all magic- No guns or swords used THERE. I, for one, think Dragonspyre should stay and keep it's unique place on Wiz. Not all think that, though. Dragonspyre is made up of two major islands... And it has a unique feature that no other Wizard101 world has- Time travel!! But, we somewhat have a glimpse of the ruins of Dragonspyre in Aragon Skyway... And we all remember Aragon.

Now, how about Zafaria? It may not be many islands, but it does have the river. The main thing that made me bring this up was the kind of people in Zafaria. There are warriors ( Buccaneers and Privateers ) Hunters ( Musketeers ) Voodoo, Hoodoo, witchdoctor people.. ( Witchdoctors, obviously ) and thugs ( Swashbucklers ) That would give everyone a unique spot in that world.

Many have said Azteca will come to P101.. but we already have Azteca in Xol Akmul.

If you would like to add onto this, or share your opinon, I would love to listen to them. Thanks!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
I agree that rumors have been flying like chain- shot in ship combat, don't listen to rumors, maties!
As to 'new worlds' I believe one of them has to be Polaris. When we freed Napoleguin, he said " Napoleguin does not forget" we may be calling in that favor. Where is the elusive Erica the Red? Could she be in Polaris? Did you know there is a Viking connection in Russia? ( one of the cultures that Polaris seems to represent ).
What other worlds are in the running? Grizzleheim and Krokotopia are both very popular, and they play a part in the creation of our pirates. I believe that it will be necessary to add these worlds. If not now, then some time in the future.
Darkmoor has also been mentioned in game frequently, but I know so little about it, that I can't see why we should go there ( yet ).
One thing we DO know for certain, we will be returning to Valencia.

Petty Officer
Mar 09, 2013
Okay, another thread discussing this subject. To see my full brilliant ideas see some of my other recent posts discussing this so I don't have to repeat myself. Instead, a short list of worlds that will appear and how I know that.
Valencia Part 2: Will be next, because of the clues in the storyline and Blind Mew.
Grizzleheim: Erika the Red, Blind Mew says we will
Krokotopia: Blind Mew says we will
Darkmoor: Blind Mew says we will, concept art for ship ports and taverns.
Valencia Part 3: Likely, because one more time isn't enough, Blind Mew says maybe
Zafaria: Zebra witchdoctor concept art.
Polaris: Very likely not in this arc, Blind Mew says we will, and honestly why wouldn't we?
El Dorado: Well DUH.
Clever Sam Jones

Jan 17, 2013
Eh... i don't know, so many choices! i think it will be polaris, there has been so much talk that it will be the next world, i think it might be!

Mar 24, 2013
I have been waiting for a new world in pirates for over a year, so ready for any worlds that could be added.
Here are the top 5 worlds in my opinon that would be cool,for pirates.

1.Darkmoor- A spooky place,to explore and a potential new world to be released toward the end of the first arc storyline. This is a surprise to me that it's another dungeon in wizard101,like Aquila.Could this be a surprise world in pirate101 also,but as a playable world as a whole ?

2.Girzzlehiem- A highly likely soon to be a playable world. A huge Nordic land, that could rival Cool Ranch in size.I'm looking forward to explore this world, I wonder what discovery will our pirates make ?

3.Korkotopia- Another highly likely world to explore as pirates.Prior to Girzzlehiem, this was the most talked about world after Aquila.There could some zones that our wizards may have missed during thire visits,these zones could be an opportunity for our pirates to visit these unknown zones.

4.Polaris-A Russian themed world,that is frequently mentioned in both games. What challenges a wait for both pirates and wizards once they enter this world ?

5.Wizard City- Hi,Mr.Ambrose please to meet you as a pirate ? Okay,I know this is awkward but this could happen,our pirate might visit this magical world.

Gunner's Mate
Jul 08, 2013
you know i had a thought what if we might have to go to avalon like from wizard101 avalon is like all knights honnor and stuff and thats what we do we beat people up with whatever we can find

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I think Polaris is next, solely because MooShu, Marleybone, Aquila and Polaris were all mentioned many times before our arrival to those worlds, not to mention the fact that each of these worlds have historical ties with one another and they each had a tower for them in Valencia, we also got to meet Napoleguin in Port Regal.