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funny dream

Mar 04, 2012
Hi I had the funniest dream last night about pirate101 I was watching the ki live video that said valenica part 2 was coming in the dream then my pirate and crew were in a gave yard in the rain over a grave that said book 15 over it
(bonnie anne) well captain its been three years I don't think its going to come back guess we better go back to accounting
(rat beard) I hate to agree but the fox be right its not comin back cap'n
(me) I can't just let it go it has to come back old scratch any luck?
(old scratch) I an' I be having no luck captain my captain I an' I think it be gone for good.
then just as we start to walk away disappointed a giant lightning bolt flashes across the sky then a hand breaks
out from the grave
(Everyone) ITS ALIVE!!!
(me) quickly we need to get back to the spiral its time to head to adventure set sail
(subodai) aye aye captain time to take on the armada.
then in a flash we race to the ship and fly away from earth with a ton of other pirate ships close behind flying through space we see the beautiful spiral
(rat beard) aye cap'n it be great to be home again
(me) agreed rat beard i can't wait to be sailing through the sky ways again.
just as we are about to fly into valenica we are stopped by a force field
(rat beard) oof what in the spiral?
(bonnie anne) look captain its kane and the armada!
(Kane) hello pirate good to finally meet you i'm surprised you were able to revive book 15 after bishop locked it
(rat beard) yar kane ye blaggard so ye be the one who caused the delay
(kane) correct rat i did it so you would never reach el dorado or defeat me as impossible as that already is i want to make sure you never make it now
(Me) crew fire all weapons we have to break that force field whatever it takes.
all the cannons where firing and we rammed the ship into the field but nothing was working then all of a sudden
(Chrissy Th'Blesser) looks like you could use a hand lass
(Anecorbie) aye we're here to help and we brought backup.
a armada of pirate ships suddenly rammed at the force field firing all weapons the field was starting to weaken but it still wasn't enough.
(me) crew its time to use the really big red button.
(everyone) aye captain heave ho.
we all hit the really big red button as hard as we could the button then glowed bright red and activated booster rockets on all the ships and broke the force field.
(kane) NOOOO!!!!!!!!
(everyone) yesss we did it!
everyone flew through the skys of valenica battling armada ships clockworks and kane himself as the theme song for pirate101 started playing and book 15 was jumping up and down as happy as a book can be
(kane) you may have gotten to valenica part 2 pirate but you'll never defeat me.
(me) we'll see about.
then all of us ran at kane and the armada and the battle began and the pirate101 logo came up saying you can play free at and then i woke up i think it was a funny dream and i loved every bit of it can't wait to see what this year will bring