FrogFather Friday - What's YOUR Question?

Hello, My Pirate Friends! Nice to see you again. I hope things have been prosperous across the skyways since we last met, and I really enjoyed your responses and creative ideas about teamwork and whatnot. Sounds like you Pirates really know how it’s done when it comes to controlling enemy ships together, and without question, your high-skies adventures can be a lotta fun when combining forces with other daring Pirates.

I, for one am rarely “without question”, as you can very well attest. I like to inquisitate here and there, and see what’s goin' on in the Spiral neighborhood. Sometimes I actually get asked a few questions myself. Mostly requests and favors, that kinda thing, but now and then I get something interesting thrown my way. Like the other day, for example, I’m conducting business with this Pirate-type and they ask, “FrogFather?”, and I says, “What?”, and they says, “What’s your favorite music?”, and I says, “Frog Sinatra, whaddayathink…or , I dunno, maybe ’Hip-hops’ – you wanna hear me play ’Jump around’ on my clarinet?” And then they leave. So anyways, yeah, the quest for knowledge can be a two-way windlane , if you catch my drift.

That said, my Friends, whaddayasay we mix things up a bit? I’ve been asking questions for quite a while, and you’ve given me some really great answers and food for thoughts – stuff I can sink my teeth into, if I had teeth.

I would like to hear your questions, and we’ll pick one and post it for everyone’s discussion, and maybe the FrogFather will take a turn in response. So lay’em on me, I’m all ears! (Come to think, I don’t have ears either – I’m beginning to wonder how I get through the day over here! Frogeddabowdit!)

So it’s a deal then? Send me your questions for public discussion as follows:

  • Email to:
  • Subject line: “Ask FrogFather & Friends
  • And very important, when emailing, please make sure to ***use your Pirate name***!!!

I can’t wait to see what yous come up with, and I’ll talk with my consiglieri Toady, and figure out which question to discuss next.

In the meantime, there’s somethin’ else I need ya to do for me: HAVE MANY FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, ohhhh, help one another when you can, AYYYY, and always, always, always respect the Spiral. capeas’ncarrots?

Ciao Time!


"Frogeddabowdit!" -The FrogFather (aka Jay Gordon, Piratical Producer)