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FrogFather Friday - House Favs & Additions?

Jan 22, 2011
Well, I'd like to see certain world houses.
Like, a Greek styled temple setting for a house in Aquila. Complete with the all around Archery range, Sparring zone. And a mess hall! With the clear, blue Aquila sky
A very peaceful pagoda house in Mooshu. Complete with a peaceful area for mediation and a small garden. And the mooshu dawn sky as its backround
A Hidden Valley Ranch style house. Complete with Buffaloons flying around, a ranch hand bunkhouse, and a Plantation Mansion house (So, you can say its like a Plantation/Ranch western-styled house)
Last but not least, i'd like a Marleybone house. With a cellar for gaming and storage. A first floor with a dining area and leisure area. and the top floor being a small 3 room area (Perfect for a bed space) With the MB night sky!
And, what about a Skull Island Tribal styled house? With a medium sized volcano (Different from the one in Volcano island) and 3 large Huts.
Or, actually a Shipwreck cove (Kind of like Flotsam) house. Made of millions and millions of ships) With a tavern styled area, and 2 other houses. With its own crows nest! (Not moveable)

Nov 23, 2011
The new houses are all stunning - my compliments to the designers! I particularly liked the little interactive bits.

A preview ability would be useful, as previously noted.

For future houses, I think a standard should be a well concealed treasure room/cave. I have commented elsewhere that I would love to be able to take treasures from the card pack (hopefully soon card packS!) and place them as furniture items - and it would be pretty nifty if you could only place them as furniture in your official treasure room.


Feb 16, 2010
Lovely music choice Frogfather. I'll have to play that in my Rakes Lagoon one day.

Otherwise, my suggestions are similar to others.

Housing preview before you buy (a must)
Allow pets and mounts to roam in houses (frees up some back pack space)
Allow us to display ships we aren't currently using either at our docks or in a ship bottle rack. Ships that are stored for display at our homes would not be available for use from our backpacks (including any gear that might be on them). This would free up a bit of space in our backpacks allowing more room for plundering.

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Jun 13, 2011
The Sharpshooter's Citadel is quite an amazing class house! I liked it! Sure hope you can make more houses like that real soon! Thanks for the amazing class houses!

And, as for what I would add next? I would say... housing games! Wizard101's got 3 housing games so far, so how about Pirates get their own housing games for their friends to play in their own houses? I would really like to see housing games added to Pirate101 via the Crown Shop!

Aug 02, 2008
I'm a huge fan of the flavor given to all the environments...your tone here included. The distinctive art for each has me wanting all of them, which dovetails quite nicely with my altoholism.

Previews as everyone else has mentioned would be brilliant so cast my note to that pile too.

I'll go along with everyone else on wanting to see our Companions, Pets, (and I'll go a step further and suggest full Fleet of ships!) in these environments. I, too, would love for this to be a Tavern like environment but would be ecstatic if the party just hung out. For the ships though, seeing all the Gold and Crowns I've put into each of them all at once would be the finishing touch to personalizing these spaces.

I have one request I haven't seen anywhere else yet: Practice dummies or sparring targets. A unique perk to Housing perhaps? I'd like to have the ability to experiment with different equipment combos in a non-combat environment just to see if one set of gear blows out another with this particular weapon or that particular ability. I have a feeling a more detailed discussion of what I mean belongs in a different place...

To this thread, I say GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS! Keep up the fine work!

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What is your favorite part of these new Houses?

There are so many things I like about each class house, Let see if I can pin point each house in order of house I like.
Swashbuckler- The roses area by El Toro
Buccaneer- I love the look of this whole house, really Piratey. Not to mention shark tank.
Witchdoctor- The whole outside
Privateer- Love that it looks like a little village
Muskateer- My least favorite I do like the interactive connons.

What would you like to add in the future?
World houses I would love a Marleybone house. How about a Monquistan ( added mini furniture so so It looks like its made for Monkeys). I would even like a Ranch style for Cool Ranch.

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Sep 19, 2011
I really like the mini monkey furniture idea. Total support for this.