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FrogFather Friday - Favorite Update

(Wheezing Clarinet notes)

OHHHHHH look who shows up! Hello my Pirate friends - MAX WE GOT COMPANY, WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHIN'…c'mon in Pirates, nice to see you again - lost track a time here and almost forgot we had a visit today. Siddown siddown, let's have a little bug juice, warm up with some French Flies, whaddever ya want, let’s not make a thing out of it.

So I was just working on a few notes, you wanna hear? “Pirates Pirates in the air, Pirates Pirates everywhere, Pirates Pirates… in my hair?” Yeah, that last part's not really working for me.....HEY MAX, WHAT DID WE DO WITH THAT WIG I HAD? HUH? TOLD YOU TO TOSS IT IN THE DRINK? Oh yeah yeah, all right never mind.

Your FrogFather will now take you in his confidence, so don’t tell anyone, but I tried wearing a hairpiece once, and I looked like that toadstool mogul, "Ronald Stump" so I had Max send it swimming. No kiddin', few weeks later I'm hopping around town, popped into my favorite lounge, and see this lizard entertainer wearing it on stage - Singing Lizard, same exact hairpiece - I says Froggedabowdit with this wig already!

Of course, nothing wrong with updating things now and again, am I right, Pirate friends? I think we've seen the very Spiral itself undergo some changes this past year, and while we’re spending this time together, perhaps let's discuss which enhancements and improvements we really liked the most.

Thinking back then, which Pirate101 Update is your favorite, and why?

Now take your time on this one, we've covered some ground together, and you may wish to consult the following archive, tell 'em FrogFather sent ya:

I'm very eager to hear how your pirate adventures have progressed over time among new places to see (like Marleybone and Aquila), fun things to do (like PvP), snazzy collections (like Class Housing), bada bada bing, bada bada boo...whaddaya like here?

And so, my wonderful Pirate friends, I leave you to this and your many other quests, and always trust that your FrogFather is watching over things when he’s not composing lyric poetry. So do me a fIavor, as you know I have a big appetite: Have many fantastic adventures, help one another when you can, and always, always, always respect the Spiral.

Ciao Time!


"Frogeddabowdit!" -The FrogFather (aka Jay Gordon, Piratical Producer)
Jul 26, 2009
I'd say my favorite update was the Marleybone-Aquila update.

I mean it's new worlds but beyond that I loved the story and pacing of Marleybone. It was a very driven story and a slightly more grittier story. As for Aquila, I loved the companions and I loved how even a high-mythological world like Aquila was incorporated into the story. Hawkules and Argos were perhaps my favorite characters; along with some other memorable moments with Ares via quests and Zeena.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Wow you have presented me with a tough one this time Frogfather. Thank you for the snacks *Pretends to eat and drink but is careful to not indulge*
I love so many of the wonderful additions to this wonderful world that I am really hard pressed to choose a favorite. I love the new mounts, the new pets, the class housing, the improved battles ( ship and on land), and I love each new world and storyline plots. I suspect that as our family submits posts of their favorites I will be inclined to say: "Oh yes, I LOVED that too", over and over again. I guess I am just blissfully happy with all the hard work that has been put into this game and I love all of it. Let's just face it, I am in Frog heaven.

Oct 01, 2010
The Marleybone and Aquila update has to be the best update by far. We got an epic new tutorial, a Bazaar, Promotions, new Bosses, Transportalators, new Ships and Equipment, Companions etc., AND NEW BOOKS! Nothing can put a smile on my day the way new content can.

Aug 05, 2012
I love Marleybone. Rat beard line is the best in that world. You know we could be dancing on roof tops!
My second favorite is Aquila. Rat beard line is to funny. A fine mess this is. Imagine it - A Rat traveling about in a mouse! Every time I think about it I have to laugh.

Sep 13, 2009
I would also have to say the Aquila Marleybone update just because it contained so many wonderful things. Blind Mew teased us for months about that update. It was painful.

Aug 25, 2009
I'd have to say that my favorite update so far is no doubt the Marleybone and Aquila update. Although, some ranked PvP might change my mind (hint hint).

Oct 16, 2012
I have to say Frogfather, these French Flies are delicious! They remind me of....well....absolutely nothing. Anyway, my favorite update so far is the Marleybone and Aquila expansion. I have always admired the dogs and cats of Marleybone, and I have to say, finally getting Catbeard on my crew was a momentous occasion! The eagles, well, I had always wanted an Eagle Gladiator, and getting Samocles fulfilled that wish! I have seen pictures of the rumored new massive updates on FB, and I am excited! Keep up the awesome work, KI!

Gunner's Mate
Oct 11, 2012
personally, i find the ability to organize my Powers one of my favorites. I feel it brings a sort of customization for pirates because you can plan out your arsenal firsthand and can manipulate it for your specific playing style. I would also say the other favorite, but it's written all over the Topic and I prefer something a bit more…Long-Term.


Impish Omar Underwood

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
May 06, 2009
I think my favorite update to Pirate101 has been Marleybone and Aquila and the update that brought class castles.

I love the designs of Marleybone and Aquila. They're just so unique and refreshing. I like how Marleybone really embodies that steampunk look and the Kurghas were a nice surprise. I like Aquila for it's light coloring and empire feeling. It's a place of the high and mighty. Plus KI stuffed so many Greek stories into the world, that it's just amazing.

I really loved the Castle update because you get to see these magnificant houses in themes off the classes. It's like your in a Buccaneer or Witchdoctor environment.

I also think the Bazaar and Transportaler updates really made lasting impressions because they improve how someone gets from place to place and finds items they need. And the slot for Treasures really comes in handy. I hope more are planned to come.

While it's not an update, I like that KI added the Gryphon, Pennyfarthing, Hammerhead Shark, and Transport Golem mounts to the Crown Shop. I love the refreshed look of the Gryphon mount, which was retired in Wizard101.

I loved the change to the character creation sequence. It made the entrance into Pirate101 all the more fun and menacing, but I still think Deacon's old voice was a lot more sinister sounding.

The recent fix to Broadside Combat is extremely helpful. When we battle ships and board them, now our work to bring down the health effects the mobs and that just makes things a lot easier.

Finally, I think I have to give probs to the Henchmen update. To finally be able to control your henchmen and have quicker access to them over Wizard101 is very helpful, especially in those tight squeezes in combat.

I look forward to all the big plans for next year!