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FrogFather Friday -- Best Birthday Present

Feb 08, 2011
I would love, LOVE the chance to purchase a Boochbeard Bundle. That would be an amazing birthday gift for those of us who missed our window to buy. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to put in requests! What a wonderful FrogFather you are!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Perhaps something like w101 did for the fifth year celebration? You know, the different colored dragon statues; but ours would be ship statues.

Nov 23, 2011
An orangutang companion!

More broadly, the ability to upgrade the level of our ships and/or to be able to pass them along to a lower-level pirate on the same account (as we can do with the outfits and weapons). Out of all the items on the bundle cards, the ships -while incredibly cool - soon become obsolete. Pets and companions can be improved. Outfits and weapons passed on to another character on the account (or stitched with something). The ships never improve and cannot be passed along, so they are good only for a few levels, alas.

A special Halloween pet or companion that we receive after completing a quest that is only available during a couple of weeks or so for BD/Halloween. The Frankenbunny pet in Wizard101 has been my favorite Halloween special for that game.



Nov 03, 2012
How about a famous pirates gold.
Ratbeard - "We already have that, Captain. Gunn, Remember?"

Ok, how about an amazing new crew member.
Ratbeard- "I'm on your crew captain. What more do you want?"

New Ship?

Ratbeard- "New Ship! So your fancy new Aquilan Galleon and your parents ship isn't good enough fer ye?"

What about weapons Ratbeard?
Ratbeard- "That's what they made the tower of Moo Manchu fer captain."

*Thinks Hard* Ok, how about a big block of cheese. Freshly imported from Mooshu.
Ratbeard- "Now ye be talkin' capn."

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
The best birthday present to me is something that comes from the heart, I don't mind what I get even if it be a cent but I personally like presents that weren't bought but made with friendship and birthdayness. Really anything for me is a present, life is a present, the chance to play this wonderful game is a present and making friends is a present!!! :3