Apr 30, 2011
So, I decided to do this now, because it will likely show up tomorrow…
Ahoy, shipmates! How is Avery treating you guys? Is your crew giving you a problem? Well, today is..
Frog-Fact-Friday! Today’s topic is Bonnie Anne, or as the Pop Culture reference, Anne Bonne and also, Calico Jack, her real captain! Isn’t that funny? Well shall we start?

The legend of Anne Bonne
By: Well you know who I am!
As we all know, our furry fox friend, has an Irish accent. Well, Anne Bonny was Irish too. She was born on March, the 8th, in the year of 1702. When Anne was young, her family traveled to the new world (Aka America in the past. J ) Well, they didn’t have such luck. Shortly after they arrived to their new home, Bonnie’s mother passed away. L Well, let’s get back on the happy side. Anne, just like Bonnie, had a short temper, and she had red hair (I guess that’s why Bonnie is a fox.) Later in her life, Anne married a poor sailor named James. Her father was not happy about this…her father denied her… Some people say Anne burned her father’s farm down. No one knows, let’s hope not! Soon after her Husband become a Governor, Anne began to mingle with the Pirates in the local taverns. Let’s just say she met Captain Calico and they became pirates until they were captured. Oddly, Anne’s hanging was not recorded in records, did she escape? Did she pretend to be someone else? Did her father bail her out? Nobody knows..
Well, thanks for reading!