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Flight of the Outlaws-A Bounty Hunter Guide

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Ok, introducing my new guide-Flight of the Outlaws! This guide will help you through Rooster Cogburn's bounty hunting barrel of quests. Now let's start.

Mission 1: Buffaloons. The Buffaloons in the skyway have been terrorizing the people of Cool Ranch. Can you set things right? Goal: Defeat 9 Cooper's Roost Skyway Buffaloons.

Mission 2: The Midnight Bandit. A nightly thieving fiend named the Midnight Bandit is stealing the town supplies, and you have to stop him! Goal: Sink "The Midnight Special", Midnight Bandit's ship.

Mission 3: Libirdy Valance and Kid Marmot. A thieving bird and his accomplices have been raiding the town! You'll have to take him down! Goal: Defeat Kid Marmot and chase Libirdy through Cooper's Roost.

Mission 4: Josey Quails. Another villain threatens Cool Ranch, and he's hiding out at Gold Creek! Will you stop Quails? Goal: Defeat Josey Quails at Gold Creek.

Mission 5: Pancho and Cisco. It's time for double trouble crime fighting when you'll have to face a duo-at one time! Goal: Defeat Pancho Grilla and Cisco Kid at Banditoad Trail.

Mission 6: Butch Chickadee & the Sundance Kid. It's two times once again when Butch Chickadee and his sidekick are on the loose! Goal: Defeat Butch Chickadee and Sundance Kid at Junction.

Mission 7: The Crane Bros.. More outlaws are trying to conquer Cool Ranch, and our next target are the Crane Bros! Goal: Defeat Jesse McCrane and Gus McCrane.

Mission 8: The Duck with No Name. Our last target has a life with no name, and he's the key to ending the crime wave! Goal: Defeat the Duck with No Name at the Cave With No Name.

Now that you've caught all the outlaws, prepare for some dialogue from Rooster Cogburn.

He says that Cool Ranch is safe now, so the town won't be needing him. So instead, he decides to come with you!

Your prize-A Rooster Cogburn companion!

Oct 01, 2010
Ah yes, I remember when I did these quests a few levels ago, back awhile after I entered the world of Cool Ranch. These is my tips on some of the battles you experience with these outlaws:

Though they start out pretty easy for your level at first (if you do all possible side quests like i do), they begin to become higher levels as your progress through the missions, becoming harder to beat. The hardest one for me was the Crane Bros; lost to them the first time, so i decided to level up to become a higher level in order to defeat them.

Big tip on the Duck with No Name battle: you only need to defeat the Duck. When fighting him, focus all your attacks on the Duck, not wasting your time defeating his comrades. This is kind of like your first battle against Fin in the skull cave temple. Once the Duck is down and out, your finished and able to get Rooster Cogburn as a side Musketeer companion.

See y'all around the Spiral and Skyways
Humble Jack Jackson, lvl 36 Buccaneer
Wordy Paul Jackson, lvl 9 Witchdoctor
Quick Aedan Jackson, lvl 9 Swashbuckler
Loyal Oran Jackson, lvl 8 Privateer
Connor Jackson, lvl 9 Musketeer

May 13, 2011
i dont remember i cogburn sends you to beat buffaloons