Feel-good battles

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
Greetings to all pirates, wharf rats, crab thugs, and dog pirates! I have called you all here to ask a huge question. Now, most of you out there should have battled a lot of battles, some victorious, some you messed up on. But what I really want to know is...

What recent battle(s) have you done that made you feel almost invincible?

Don't get what I am asking? Here is an example of one of mine.

Just recently, I have gotten the fifth turtleball, but that battle I had to do before I got it just made my morale go up, up, up! I defeated all the enemies before I tried to defeat the boss. All of my companions were still alive. After getting two attacks to land on the boss, I noticed more enemies were coming into the battle. I landed four more hits on the boss, which made his health go to zero. Once that turn was done, I counted all the enemies on the board. There were six more I had to defeat! The only advantage I had was being higher level than them. Me and my companions each had about an average of 600 health left. But I blocked every single attack, Monkey King was having a riposte spree, my new pig raider crossbow man was getting his burst fire every round, and Taro was getting riposte and relentless every two rounds!

I won the battle with only Taro Moomori knocked out.

This battle I was four against ten. By winning, I felt I could do another ten more before being knocked out.

So there is my feel-good battle. What's yours?

Nov 11, 2012
Arrr I'd have to say the same about that battle! (Maybe it was the fourth turtle ball, but whatever...) The first time I beat it I went in with a Level 25 vs. Level 50's...
That was awesome... The second time I beat it the enemies couldn't get a hit off my Swashbuckler Team (Monkey King, Toreador Norevillo [I think] and El Toro, plus me)

I think that battle needs some harder baddies so I could farm it for better gear!!!

Arrrrrr See ya in the Skyways!
Brass Leo Hornigold, Level 55 Swashy