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Favourite thing to do in pirate101

Mar 31, 2010
My favorite thing to do in pirate101 is promote companions seeing what they will look like next I'm doing buffalo bill right now.

jack Walker lvl 61

Petty Officer
Jul 26, 2011
I like doing quests because that is the point of the game

Jan 19, 2014
Ha, same thing, especially the one you have to do special quests in order to promote them. Just how you see your pirate getting better, you can see your companions getting stronger, at least visually.

Dec 11, 2010
MINI Beaster on May 3, 2014 wrote:
My favorite thing to do in pirate101 is promote companions seeing what they will look like next I'm doing buffalo bill right now.

jack Walker lvl 61
Questing with my , , and my characters. XD in fact I love questing with my Buccaneer character so much that I made a second for my 6th character (who I stopped playing as so she can get the feeling of what it is like to have Peter Quint from the second she leveled up)
My and characters have somewhat less appeal to me but I try to get on them every once while.

XD ironically my higher level buccaneer and my witchdoctor are around the same area with my witchdoctor slightly ahead. (Although I will be focusing on her and then go back after she gets to Mooshu)

Aug 15, 2012
I say my most favorite thing to do in Pirate101 is sinking ships. "I am the terror of the skyways!"

Jun 02, 2013
i love promoting companions and chosing new epics as a reward at the end
so far my favourite promotion to do was old scratches last one
a trip to avernus a drop by to raven eyes and finishing at isla de los meurtos (i wont ruin the awesome finale) but i like helping others with ship battles just hanging around as a merc for hire

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
As much as I love doing promotion quests and blowing things up as a privateer and musketeer, I do take a fiendish delight in sinking ships. There is just something so empowering and satisfying about watching them sink and burn.
Hmmm........I am beginning to wonder if I am a closet pyromaniac.

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I love to make new friends and quest/farm with them :P I love collecting pets and companions, pvp is a good way to test out their skills xd

Jun 26, 2010
Me favorite thing to do in Pirate101 is looting bad guys of their treasures *har har har*.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

Mar 24, 2013
My favorite thing in pirate 101 are these below this sentence.

1.Questing-That is the main thing of the game, getting gold, companions, pets and if lucky boss gears. Boss gears like Fin's Dagger, General Tso's blade, the tiger claw, captain blood's hat, maybe Rook's shield etc.So far I only got one Boss gear,but lots and lots of adventures and more to come.

2.Laughing- Well, sometimes a pirate need some comedy moments. Like laughing at funny dialogs from the characters,watching the puppet show and sometimes real players comments that are funny.

3.Decorating the deeds-Sometimes a pirate need a home to relax and take a break from questing.Now we don't want our pirate(s) to go home, without something to sit on or staring at a blank wall, so need a break or reached max level.Time to decorate those deeds,how it's all up to you.

These are the top 3 favorite thing as a pirate101 player to do.

Jan 30, 2011
My favorite is grabbing loot off of enemies and promoting my first string companions and find out about their back story.