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favorite victory cheers

Petty Officer
Jun 28, 2011
you know how companions, or enemies cheer whenever they defeat someone? so whats your favorite cheer? mine is Dead Mikes. its always entertaining how he does his little dance. whats your favorite?

I love my Itzen Kaan's victory dance!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Jun 28, 2011
Community Leader
I can only narrow it down to two...

Kobe Yojimbo (starter companion for Buccaneers) - drops to one knee & bows his head Tebow-style

Holy Monquisitor (Privateers' side quest companion) - crosses himself like he's giving the fallen Last Rites

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Feb 03, 2012
My favorite would probably be Barnabus's cheer, raising his axe, I forgot the other name of that weapon, into the air and shouting. Eevrytime I see that I always think in my mind like he's saying " wow wow wo what now?"