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Favorite Ship Bosses!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Greetings, s, s, s, s, and s alike, to input your favorite ship bosses!

Ship bosses are bosses you fight on the Skyways. For example, Mack the Shark and Jose Valdez. Please note that special skyway creature bosses (Doomtooth, Nikeeta, etc.) also count.

Now to start this up, my favorites are...

Favorite ship bosses are Cil Simian (Near Monquista City, Tierra Primata, MQ) and The Mighty Quint (Near Antilles Vortex, Tradewinds, SI) Cil Simian has nice Monquista drops, and Mighty Quint, is just a real fun boss fight.

(PLEASE NOTE: Mighty Quint is exclusive to Barnabus' promotion quest #1.)

Your turn, citizens of SI, MQ, VC, CR, MS, AL, and MB! (Skull Island, Monquista, Valencia, Cool Ranch, Mooshu, Aquila, and Marleybone)