Favorite Quest? So far at least.

Jul 06, 2013
Hello guys! I am gonna take opinions of your favorite quest (So far).

One of my favorite quests is finding El Toro on my Buccaneer

No, I did not get him yet, but we battled together, and I love his other alter ego! So cool! But I knew it was El Toro.

Anyway, tell me your favorite quests!

I will give out Yars! to everyone

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Rescuing Catbeard from prison in MB.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Giving a favorite is way too hard for me. I love so many. I will say that the two that made me laugh the most is Ratbeard's Marleybone promotion and the Sirens in Aquila. The voice work in both had me laughing loud enough to wake the household. Simply brilliantly acted and written.

Mar 24, 2013
My favorite quest is,as a Buccaneer when she traveled to cool ranch a very, very long story. When she finally confront deacon in that zone and got her revenge.

Nov 23, 2011
It used to be the Presidio. It is the first time that you meet the Monquistons, who are a lot of fun (I love the look on their faces when you hit them with a crit, the references to us as hairless, ungainly monkeys, etc.) plus the rewards were excellent: an excellent new companion and a new ship which is a considerable improvement over the raft we start with. It used to be a challenge, too - not an easy dungeon so I always had a sense of accomplishment when I had finished it. But since the upgrade, it is much easier so I find I don't enjoy it as much (still love the rewards, though!).

My replacement favorite quest? I will have to think about it. Certainly I really like all three of the new "Traitor's Cave" quests added with the update.


May 31, 2009
I think I'd have to go with the Xol Akmul quest line. I love the music in that zone!

May 24, 2009
My favorite by far is the Presidio Job. I struggled so much as a beginner and trying to do it solo. I trained so much and once I finally beat it after attempting to do so several times I was almost in tears. Now every once and a while I'll go back to the Presidio and help others with it. A close second would be the Troy dungeon quest. Similar to the Presidio I tried to solo it but had a lot of trouble. Nice question!

Sep 09, 2010
The last quest in aqulia that was really heartbreaking but it was really fun and I liked the music.

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
I liked the Traitor's Cave quests that were added in the new update, but nothing can compare to the masterpiece that is...

Standoff at Boot Hill

Epic battle and climax!
Entertaining duel with English Bill that's good for farmers.
The battle on the Duck of Death's Ship is burning with flame power!

I'm glad the DOD's Ship was an Epic Battle, because I needed Dr. Scratch to take out the Lagooneys. Luckily, I upgraded him to Tier 2, Undead Bokor, a while ago, and I'm excited when I reach Level 34 so I can send him to Tier 3, Undead Houngan! Undead Bokor has a more powerful Improved Mojo Blast than Undead Witchdoctor Dr. Scratch, so I could attack even more Lagooneys! English Bill wasn't that much trouble, either. The cemetery boss fight with him was surprisingly easy, despite the swarming Lagooneys.

Also, the dungeon right after is cool too, but somewhat difficult.

Mark Laveer, Buccaneer
Boucan do it!
Current Goal: Defeat Count De Brass!

Jul 07, 2013
I enjoy the tower of Moo Manchu and deflating Moo's ego at the end. Can I get him as a housing item for my mantle?

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Jun 26, 2010
Eh.... so far I don't have one, till we get to the end I'll let ye know then mate.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan