Favorite puppet show.

Sweet Talker
May 06, 2012
Everyone is asking what is your favorite companion or pet. But i am asking what is your favorite Puppet showwhat is yours. mine is dead mans hand and napolguin. i love catbeards interruptions also look carefully at the books dead is reading pretty funny. so what is your favorite puppet show fellow pirates?
Quiet Zachary Armstrong

Angel Ambassador
Nov 23, 2011
I enjoy them all. My favorite is probably the one when you are first sent after the Golden Monkey.

Cute Stuff Commoner
Jun 06, 2009
When do you see the one about Mooshu and Malistaire?

Be Mine Beginner
Nov 27, 2011
Sweet Talker
Feb 03, 2012
My favorite is the Magnificent Seven, " They say Duck Holiday looks at death and laughs", " They say I laugh when I hear this"