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Favorite Not Companion NPC

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
Hello, pirates of all sorts, I've been waiting. Grab yourself a... pickled herring sandwich? I need to talk to Catbeard, he's insane when it comes to the stuff.
OK, I've got some fresh Yum on the table with a few sandwiches. Subodai made them, with a old custom. He's been acting... a little weird lately. I think they're chicken, but they could be scarakeet. Be careful.

But that's not the reason I'm here. I've got a particularly peculiar question. Who is your favorite non-companion NPC? (Note:This cannot be a NPC who becomes a companion, ex. El Toro and Catbeard. This can be an ally, but not an ally who becomes a companion, such as El Toro or the Magnifecent Seven.)
Very high boundaries, ask me if you can have exceptions. Post your answers, don't be shy. I'll be trying to get a non-pickled herring snack for next time we meet.
Swashy The Magnifecent Seventh