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Favorite and Least Favorite Enemy Units

Oct 01, 2010
So there's been a decent amount of people saying who their favorite and least favorite companions are, but here's my question to you: which Enemy Units are your favorite and least favorite. You can mention your favorites due on looks or actions and what not. For me, I'd probably have to say so far, my favorite Enemy Units would be the Monquista enemies. The way they react when you're about to hit them with a critical move, it's just so funny. I also kind of like the Rat Pack Musketteer units. Their knife and gun combo is pretty cool, especially when they shoot the knife with the gun at you. Anyway, hope you guys comment on this.

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May 02, 2009
I like ranged units with my melee characters because they're less likely to block and/or dodge. I hate the frogerales in Santo Pollo Skyway though. They have overwatch 1 but they use it TWICE, not once. and they DON'T know burst fire.

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The Goldfish in Waponi Wu qualify as both. That is one of the toughest early fights as far as I'm concerned. Having gone through the Ratbeard questline with all 5 classes, none of them have an easy time when it's just you, your first mate and maybe a pet against two goldfish that hit hard, can dodge well and can fly away from you. However, the face they make when you get a critical hit on them is priceless.

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Jun 01, 2009
Hands down my least favorite HAS to be the jellyfish. They seem to have such a high dodge rate, and their attack animation is kind of creepy. Like they are about to inhale your head and eat it off.

Favorite enemy, I would have to say... I don't think I really have one.


May 28, 2009
As I said before, I really love high adventure such, so the dino mummies are one of my favorites. They can be tough to fight when using melee, but they're really a fun opponent, and that they often appear in treasure and archeology quests dosn't hurt either.

Least favorite is probably the Monquistidors with the polearms. A lot of stuff in the game is bassed largely on postition, and it can get annoying to constantly have plans messed up by stopping half way through moves or having my swashbuckler hit not enough guys with his attacks.