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Fastest Ship

Aug 28, 2010
I assume the lighter ships go faster. But the gear affects max speed, so what would be the fastest traveling ship? I have seen some suggest the raft but I sold mine :( Seems like a higher end light hull with good sails would be faster. Since the speed stat is not shown on ships I am curious about this. Any feedback on this? Thanks.

Petty Officer
Sep 18, 2009
There is no base speed rating listed on ships themselves, so I don't think there is a fastest ship class, it is all dependant on gear I believe. I am at a 9% speed boost, but I don't go for speed, I go for attack and defense, so I am not sure what gear/class could give you the highest speed.

Sep 08, 2008
I have noticed that when you are on smaller ships, they seem to go faster, but that is just the way it looks when they zip by objects and things in the skyway.

When you are on a big ship, like the galleon, it just seems to be so much slower, because they can't just zip buy objects and things in the skyway due to their much larger size.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
So far as ive seen, My galleon the royal navy one with crown gear sails and mooshu additions is the fastest ive seen with over 30% boost to speed. No other ship has that capability to date for smaller class ships. So galleons although may seem slower are actually the fastest in the game but not until you reach the level 48 royal navy origin one in mooshu.

Dec 21, 2009
So far I beleive royal navy is fastest type of ship if equipped properly.