Farming Issues

Jul 09, 2009
I've been farming the Fire Temple and Abe Pagoda for many days to get one item. That being the Southern Djinn's Ring, I've been very unsuccessful and this is starting to irritate me. It seems I can get every other item except the one I want. I've received the Fire Guardian's Medallion several times already and I find it ridiculous that I can't get this one item. Please consider raising the drop rates of certain items and raising the chances of us getting gear for our own class instead of other classes.

Lucas Walker Sky Commander Musketeer

Dec 18, 2012
i got same problem of you lol , farmed for like a week the fire temple and did not find that ring (Abe Pagoda has lower drop rate for those no auction items from my experience), do you want to know what is funny? I found it with mu buccaneer at first fight vs water guardian . Anytime you could get a charm/token with revive from Lo Pan too.