[Fantasy101!] An Idea on the next 101!

Jul 06, 2013
Fantasy101 - Created by ColdRoPlay

This is an idea I came up with a while ago and decided to write it here and look for suggestions. NOTE: This is an idea. This is based a lot on Pirate101.

Story Line:

You wake up in a cell and try to get out but you can't. You see a guy walk up to you, his name is Lucas the Magnificent. He looks and you and says: "Did you get caught by the RoDrotics?" You nod. (The Rodrotics are robot villans that took over the world "Trolania, home of the race "Humans.")

*You make your character and name*

Then you go to the classes and races. You can pick from these races:

Droids (Robot)

Then you go to pick your class:

Rogue: Like Swashbuckler Sneaky and agile, has the most spells to tame and kill your enemies. Uses light weapons.
Warrior: Like buccaneer Uses an axe/giant weapons and has spells and combos that join to make 1 awesome hit.
Shooter: Like musketeer Shoots from a far and has combos to make a big shooting combo, uses guns.
Healer: Like Privateer Has a lot of healing spells and boost spells to make your character stronger, not a lot of spells/powers that focus on damage.
Wizard: Like Witchdoctor Uses a lot of spells to kill enemies from a far or near and is the 2nd most powerful class.

You start in a battle area where you battle the head of the RoDrotics, Emperior Deus. You fight his Rodroids (Robots like RoDrotics), and when you are finished you have this big storyline quest to find him. This is chapter 1.

I based this a lot on Pirate101 and Wizard101, please leave any comments or ideas I can add to this and I will update it soon!