Fan Site Mega Party 2014

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
The Fan Site Owners banded together for a record breaking party. The Fan Sites Were:

Sheldon/Jason/Sophia of Adventures of the Spiral
Edward of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem
Alura of Art in the Spiral
Ditto Wizard of Ditto Monster’s Bloggy Thingy
The Duelists of Duelist101
The Mercs of Mercenaries for Charter
Paige MoonShade of Paige’s Page
The Pet Masters of Petnome Pirates
The Mods of Pirate101 Central/Wizard101 Central
Kelsey Fireheart of Pirate101 Skyways/Stars of the Spiral
Johnny of Pirates of the Spiral
Dr Zeppers of Skull Island TV
The Staff of Spiral Radio101
Legends of Stormgate Pirates/Legends of the Spiral

It started off with a really funny poof fest as they discovered that level one pirates created for port targets cannot port to houses yet and they tried to port to the party house and got kicked right back to Avery Court and all the party goers tried to follow so there were a kazillion Poofs all at once, coming and going

Once they figured it out we got to the Villa and began a great Scavenger hunt with amazingly hidden objects and some VERY clever red herrings thrown into the mix. It was delightful fun.

Then some site owners hid all around the spiral and the fans had clues from the site to try and find them. Great fun finding sneaky Community Leaders.

Lots of PvP and great friends were made and fabulous prizes awarded. I even won a Hoodoo Cornelius Companion and a Witchdoctor's Lab for correctly getting the fastest correct entry in the Scavenger Hunt.

Well done community leaders. You sure know how to throw an amazing party.

Here is a link to my pictures.