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Falmea's Comments on KI Live

Mar 28, 2009
The following statements by Falmea during the recent KI Live can be found in a discussion thread on Pirate101 Central, and I thought I'd share it here for more pirate thoughts:

We’re in the final stages of bug fixing, and queuing a small update for Pirate to be released next month. I just want to properly set the expectation that this is a small update. We fixed a bunch of bugs, probably about a couple dozen, and there’s a new max-level Boss in game, that you can fight, with a little bit of side content story leading up to it. So, really excited to put a little bit more story in. And, we have a nice birthday gift to give to you all, and a few nice things for Decius to put up in the Shop in the coming months. At the very least, we’ll look for more small windows between Wizard updates like this so we can just add a little bit to the game here and there with existing staff. We are still exploring the idea of expanding the team to do more significant updates on some level, so stay tuned on that. But, hopefully we’ll at least be able to fix some bugs and get some new stuff in every once in a while.

Feb 12, 2015
Alright, we finally have a date. I look forward to seeing what has been fixed and what this boss is going be be like. I can perfectly understand why this is going to be small, but I dearly hope we aren't left in the dust after this again.

My personal wish is that the bar is slowly set higher and higher as a more regular schedule for Pirate101 updates is established. I do hope that the promise of something and the hope for more after this will bring players back into the game, and that we can rise out of the spiral of being left behind.