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Falmea Friday - Fishy Business

Aug 16, 2014
Hah! Professor Flamea is here too? Anyways, I think there should be Doodle Fish! (If there isn't any)

Jun 26, 2010
I have one more... The Harpy-Eagle Shark of Monquista, A Vicious Apex Predator of the Monquistians only the most Brave, most Daring, or the most Foolish would Hunt fer them!

- Deadeye Jack Morgan
- Deadeye Edward Morgan
- Deadeye Tatiana Morgan

Oct 27, 2009
If the water at houses isn't used for fishing, any chance we could place furniture in the water? I have this dragon statue that would look great in the water.

Jan 27, 2015
If fishing were added to the Pirate Spiral an increase in character energy would be an absolute must imho

May 24, 2014
I'd like to see fishing in the Skyway. For those who don't know: if you tap the "Tab" button on your keyboard while sailing, you'll go from sailing to walking around on your ship! So, maybe use this feature while fishing... AND picture this: Since you can have multiple people on your ship at once, you could have a fishing party. I'd like to see a way to sponsor a fish-off on your ship, everyone would pay to join, and whoever wins gets to take home the money... and maybe add a betting system: so if you lost, but you bet on the winner, you'd still get a small reward?

-Crazy Jeremy & Annoying Misty

May 24, 2014
I just realized how similar everyone's ideas were. pretty much ALL of them took place in the skyway... which seems fit, maybe we could sell them to people on the docks... obviously Jonah Town would buy them.