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Exciting PvP Idea!

Apr 24, 2009
I fear the only solution to not having puppet teaming is to say only the 10 levels under the level cap may participate in PvP. This way, we have no problems. But just for ranked.

There is practice, and ranked. For practice, anyone can join.

The ranked/practice rules are the same, except practice you don't earn points, just like w101.

You can choose between broadside (ship) combat, or you can fight on grounds. Or both, for that matter.
This is 1v1.

Here is where it gets more exciting.
For 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4,
For lag, when both ships have moved, then the combat starts.
When you sign up, you choose a team captain, his ship will be the one you will use. The rest of the team collects the coins as usual. of course, when the ship reaches yellow, the enemy can either choose to keep destroying your ship or they can run up and confront you. Combat goes as if you were fighting a mob.

I would keep certain ranks from w101 like commander, maybe warlord but kinda unsure, private.

Do you guys like this idea? I think its awesome