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El Dorado, Our Parents and much more..

Oct 29, 2011
I have something stuck in my mind after I did Temple of the gold monkey, there's a part were we speak with our parents in a crystal cavern, They say to find them in El Dorado. Now here is the question. Does that means our parents aren't dead but are stuck in El Dorado?

Armada puppet show: There is a lady in the puppet show, and I know there was already a discussion about this, but I have the feeling the real cause of the armada Invasion is "her" and not Kane.

Blind Mew: His a really interesting character even though we barely see him, but I think he hides something from Avery and everyone.

Albion: Do we ever get to see Albion?

A Valencia extension? Do we get to see our "deadly foe" Fin Dorsal again?

well here you go.

Sarcastic Luis DeBouff