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Easter Eggs in Pirate101!

Oct 29, 2011
I've noticed Pirate101 has many Easter Eggs, like references to books, movies, real events. etc.
So, this thread is about finding these Easter Eggs!
Let me start with one

There is an actual pirate call Anne Bonny who worked under the crew of Calico Jack!
(A cat pirate named Calico Jack was Bonnie Anne's previous captain as stated in the second promotion.

- Witty Orion Underhill
Level 57

Jan 19, 2014
Well, there's a bunch of Easter Eggs on this thread.

Dec 11, 2010
Also Chief Thunderhooves in Cool Ranch. (Although it may just be a coincidence)

Why I think it is a reference
1. The character it references are both of the same species (Buffalo)
2. the name

Just a reference I found that is 20% cooler (reference to the same show)