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Earring as Loot ?

Jul 11, 2009
I have noticed that the Earring seems to be classified as Ultra-Rare loot. Why is this ? It has no powers / skills / stats / nothing nada. It is a purely cosmetic item - yet if falls under ultra rare, every time one comes up i feel cheated from getting something useful / Like a Bear from the grizzly pack / or some other item from a chest etc. Please be so kind as to explain this.

Oct 16, 2012
Ok, for one thing, you're not getting cheated from the bears. They're EPIC items, not Ultra Rare. The ONLY Ultra Rare item besides earrings is the Grizzled Heart Banner. Besides, the bears and the standard are incredibly rare. But I have discovered that not long after getting a bear, you get the battle standard. Keep your hopes up!!

Jun 26, 2010
Well truth be told mate, there be one earring that has a power and that be "Death's Bargain" it grants "Soul Shroud" very useful fer all levels if ye ask me.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I think the earrings are ultra-rare because there is very few of them and they pay quite handsomely for gold ye know!