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Aug 26, 2009
Just wondering what others think about the difficulty of the game as you hit areas in Mooshu.

The main example that made me think of this was using my Buccaneer towards the end of the game. I used my highest attack power on an enemy and it did 51 4 times for 204 damage. The enemy hit me back with vengeance strike for 249 points. My character tried to hit back with his vengeance strike and missed. On the enemies turn, I got hit with an additional 205 points. The total exchange with that character left me with taking 250 points more than I gave. It just seems like the main characters should be able to deal more damage consistently than random enemies. This problem isn't as apparent in other classes either.

Personally, I also liked the earlier worlds battling a lot more than the later. In mooshu, I sometimes have to attack an enemy 10 to 15 times before it dies. It's not as fun when battles take that long and get so drawn out. With my 3 or 4 fighters it sometimes takes 4 rounds to just kill one enemy. Back in skull island and Monquista it only took a few attacks and specials to kill an enemy, so those powers actually seemed more special. Now a special that does 400 or 500 isn't even that great because that's only 1/6 of their health and you can't use it again.

Just wondering if anyone else feels this way too. I understand the game should progress in difficulty, but I guess I just liked how it flowed in the earlier part a lot more...