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Design a ship

Sep 29, 2010
Have any ship designs you would like to see in the game, or any current ships in the game you would like to own? Explain your ideas right here!

My idea: A steampunk airship. Something like the one you see at the Traveling Medicine Show in Tumbleweed in CR. Only, its a little bit bigger with a zeppelin shaped balloon. The body of the ship will be shaped like any other ship but will be made from bronze or any other kind of steampunk metal. It will have have two wings with twin propellers on both of them. That's really just a quick summery of what my idea is. Also I'd love to own an armada ship, I think they look so cool.

(Did someone already made a topic about this?)

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Yes! (Actually it was the Frogfather, but don't let that stop the discussion since that thread is a little older and now locked. )

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Gunner's Mate
Sep 29, 2012
first of all there is the armada ship that i am looking foward to get :P

but i was thinking about a lifeboat :P a little boat that is slow and canot attack other ships! i know it sounds bad but i just tought it owuld be funny

May 02, 2009
I've always wanted to own the ships that bandits use in Cool Ranch! I've even thought of its Skiff, Frigate and Galleon forms
  • Skiff: Bandit Origin, looks like the Red Sash ships near the Buffaloons
  • Frigate: Bandit Origin, looks like the Banditoad's ships in Santo Pollo Skyway
  • Galleon: Bandit Origin, looks like Sneaky Jim's ship in Cooper's Roost Skyway

May 06, 2009
There was a Water-Mole ship concept design in the The Pirate Story then Art Behind Pirate101 section that I fell in love with. It was this funny ship with a Gorrilla Rock Head that had lava running down it's nose. Lol this game is rated E10+ for crude humor which I love (the Gobbler farts not so much but I've come to accept that of Wizard101 Humor's humor). I never saw this ship design ingame so I'm holding out this will be added as some kind of new buyable ship in the future.

Oct 27, 2009
I thought some of the paddlewheel ships were a good design in cool ranch. Even better would be a "Showboat" style steamboat, with white "gingerbread" style decorated railings.

Oct 27, 2009
How about a Grizzleheim ship? There would be a lot of possibilities for carved dragon head, and other animal shaped, prows. The armor could be rows of shields along the boat.
A Greek type trireme could be interesting, it might be from where the Eagles live. The ship could have lower decks with many oars. It would have eyes painted near the prow. The figurehead could be a kind of beak, low on the prow to ram other ships. If it is beak shaped, they could be serious ones like eagle or falcon, or funny ones, like a duck-bill prowed ship.
The shuttle boat in Krokotopia always had a cool look. Maybe a larger decked version of it was on a trading trip too close to Skull Island and pirates acquired it.

Mar 30, 2011
hmmm great ideas but how aboult a krokotopia ship with skiff frigate and galleon also cpmes with new gear

skiff: has those wing things and and bunch pyrimids and comes with two sails
frigate:same wing things and covered with pyramids come with 3 sails
galleon:is huge and comes with those wings again but this time no pyramids a picture of anchient writing and it cpmes with 6 sails

Mar 26, 2013
I'd love a Grizzleheim longship! I can just imagine it now. It would have a dragon figurehead and the sides would be lined with shields.

Smiling Sophia Silver

Oct 27, 2009
Looks like we might see something like a Greek trireme. Now I want to know if they will make a duck-billed figurehead for it. LOL

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
@ VinnyD6... I love your life boat idea. Here is mine on how to implement it.

Lets say you are in a ship battle, & the enemy sinks your boat by reducing it's hull integrity to 0.

Instead of just disappearing from the skyway where the battle occurred... you find yourself floating around in your life boat. That is until you unbottle another ship.

Also since life boats can't attack, enemy ships won't attack life boats.

Oh that would crack me up to see that.

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
I have some other ideas for a Krokotopian ship.

Krokotopian Skiff: Looks like Salalabad's ship from W101.

Krokotopian Frigate: The same, except larger, and with 3 sails instead of one. (The third is on top of the roof)

Krokotopian Galleon: Even larger, with 5 sails, and another small deck.

Krokotopian Raft: A small canoe, with a very small deck and a few murals on the railings.

Available names:

Desert Falcon
Palm Snake
Shadow Beetle
Storm Krok
Ice Mander
Fire Bird
Sun Pyramid
Moon Sphinx
Sand Sea
Dune Stone
Krokotopian Comet

Oct 27, 2009
I like the lifeboat idea, but I would add to it. Ships might not attack you and you can't attack them, but if a ship was able to be boarded, you could board from a life boat.