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Darkmoor For Pirate101 and Wizard101?

Dec 22, 2012
So, as you all know Madame Vidama is a witchdoctor.
Well on one of the "Rouges Gallery" videos it talks about Madame Vidama, and it says that her homeland is darkmoor and she was once a student at pigswick academy. I believe this ties darkmoor to pirate101! Here's why, i believe that Morganth was teaching her death magic and madame wanted to learn actual black magic since death magic seemed so evil. Then after Morganth finding out thats what she desired Morganth sent her to pigswick academy. There, she could practice death magic, but then Morganth started studying Hoodoo to become a witchdoctor so pigswick expelled her after they found out. So then she traveled to Skull Island where she knew she would be respected for her knowledge.

Tell me what you guys think and
please leave feedback.

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
It is Madame Vadima. Not Vidama.