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Crown shop henchman

Jul 02, 2009
The subject says it all. I think it would be cool to have crown shop henchman. Or mercenaries? I think they might work like the henchmen in wizard101. You can open up the crowns shop, select a certain henchman you want from a certain class, and then they appear on the battle board. To make it fair, they could be banned from pvp.
There could be henchmen from each class, the higher the level, the more the crowns. So there could be a lvl 10, lvl 20, lvl 30, lvl 40, lvl 50, and lvl 60 henchman. It's practically just like w101, but with different battle strategies and stuff. And different characters. For example, one of the henchmen\mercenaries could be the eagle hoplite. He could be the lvl 60 swashbuckler henchman. And the privateer henchmen could be like the life henchmen. They just heal and do a great job. I guess the henchmen would work like allies. Please reply if you like the idea! About the henchmen. Or mercenaries. I like mercenaries. It sounds cooler!