Create a Puppet Show Part 1!

May 16, 2011
Welcome all pirates, to my first puppet show creation poll!

This part's theme: Grizzleheim. You have come to Northguard for a piece of the map.
What is the Puppet Show about you may ask? It's up to you for this part!
Narrator: King of Northguard

Early dialogue: King: So you have come for a piece of a map hmmmm? I think remember something about it. Let me tell you a story....
-----Puppet Show Starts----------
*takes the curtains back*
Not a long time ago, a fellow bear of our tribe named Ivar Andersson found a piece of the map. He showed it off to the wolf and raven tribes soon afterwards. At this, the ravens became very jealous and angry. Then, one day, Ivar went missing and later that day, the wolves attacked. We think the wolves took Ivar prisoner, but what could they possibly want with Ivar? Sure, he did find a map piece, but the wolves didn't care at all. So they shouldn't now. They, in a way, attacked for no reason at all. As you can see that is why Northguard seems slightly.....well, ravaged you could say. Some of our tribe think the war isn't necessary at all, and they are working to stop it. Would you care to join them?
--------Puppet Show Finishes-------

Well, what do you think? Post your show below soon!