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Companions that Suprised You in Battle

Jun 02, 2013
Cruel Owen Quarrel on Jan 16, 2016 wrote:

For me, I think the biggest surprises were Ridolfo Capoferro, Romba, and Louis LeBisque.

Seeing as Owen was the first ever pirate I actually finished and how I only did the Valencia side quests after finishing Marleybone (stupid of me, I know), I assumed Ridolfo Capoferro would be just some Iago knockoff, and seeing Iago wasn't even that good to begin with, I didn't care enough to get him (although he did look visually awesome). However, when I used him in battle as my Musketeer, I was like "Holy moly, Batman! This guy is super good!" Right now, I have him at Riposte 3, Relentless 2, Blade Storm, and Repel Boarders!

Romba. Oh boy, Romba. I thought all of the Heart of Darkness companions were straight up jokes. I'm sorry. I bought Romba from the crown shop early on in Owen's career but didn't bother to level him up, nor did I know what the best skills to spec into for him were (spec? Sorry, been playing a lot of Borderlands!). But when Malcolm rolled around and got him, I realized his full potential as a Tank! You're thinking "Pff! Romba? A tank? But he's so smol! How can he possibly be a tank?!" Trust me. He can take a lot of hits with the right set-up, just like any other Buccaneer. Don't underestimate my tiny water mole friend!

Louis. Sweet mother of Mercy, LOUIS. YOU SLY CRAB, YOU!
When I made my first ever player, a Musketeer named Trustworthy Malcolm Barclay, I despised Louis with every bone in my body. "YOU ARE SUCH A TERRIBLE COMPANION" I had yelled at him through the screen (which is sad because obviously he can't hear me). But now that I've committed to patience a bit more, I've grown to appreciate, respect, and love Louis. What a guy, he is. 8/10, great Companion would recommend buying from your local crowns store.

Thanks for such an interesting question :)

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Space Pirate (DON'T QUESTION IT)
I have to agree Romba can be amazing, he is better than the samoorai bushi as I have seen the two compared both in stats and battle

Feb 06, 2016
Definitely Old Scratch
Scratch can do so much as long as he has accuracy buffs, which is great due to me being a Privateer main
The spooky buffs are also great, since it makes healing stronger!