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Companion Tales

Mar 10, 2013
This topic has been created so you can post amusing, informative, etc, stories about your companions here. You might write about a raging fight between Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard, or your companions' triumphs during combat. Here is an example:

Natalie: Okay, guys. I need to go check the cannons. *leaves room*.
There is an awkward silence.
Egg Shen: I look awesome in my new Disciple outfit, right?
Ratbeard: Whatever, you scruffy goose. Stop showing off!
Egg Shen: Hey, who're you calling scruffy? Don't you think that's a bit rich? *raises fists in anger*.
Bonnie Anne: Guys, stop it! Natalie is going to be back soon... *trails off*.
Nanu Nanu: Yes, stop, you two! All of us might get in, what you call it, trouble!
Ratbeard: Who cares? This is unfinished business! *pulls out sword, smiles mischievously*.
Ensign Emmett: I say, I do hear footsteps! Quiet down, you two!
Egg Shen and Ratbeard ignores them. Ratbeard raises sword over Egg Shen.
* Natalie runs in*. Natalie: Into Broadside Combat Position, crew! We are under attack! On deck, at once... * she trails off when she sees Ratbeard's sword out. Natalie: Crew! What is going on here?! What is the meaning of this? On deck at once! The rats are boarding!
Bonnie Anne: Those scurvy rodents?! AGAIN?!
Natalie: Yes, and this time they have a Boss with them! All on deck now!
All Crew: Yes, Captain!

May 13, 2011
great! i see a lot of this in other threads (companion vs companion threads)

ratbeard: wheres the captain? i havent seen him in a while
lucky jack russell: i dont know. i havent seen him in a week
meridius tedio: hes in his bunk bed recovering from a blow to the head. wait, wheres my spear?
ratbeard: you need it, bird brain?
meridius: hey! give it back, rodent!
jack: the captain wouldnt like it, ratbeard. you should return it
ratbeard: all i wanted to do was to have some fun. sailing is boring
catbeard: we are sailing?
ratbeard: yes, captain kitty. the ship is sailing and... wait a second. with the captain recovering, who is at the helm?
jack: were not even on a windlane yet!
meridius, jack and ratbeard rush to the helm, where they found bonnie anne at the wheel
bonnie anne: oh, hey there. i didnt know anyone was aboard
ratbeard: get off. you know nothing about sailin'. let me get the wheel
ratbeard takes the wheel and docks at a port
ratbeard: there. problem solved
bonnie anne: i never got to sail anyway
ratbeard: you can try it again another time, lady
sneaky george quarton: *yawn*. good morning everyone. now, whos fighting?
bonnie anne: no one this time, cap'n
george: aww
meridius: you want us to what?
george: never mind that. wait, why are we at skull island? i thought i docked in scrimshaw
ratbeard looks at bonnie anne

and this is my act. not good, but first time for everything

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
How's about this?
Another boring day at Justin's mercenary guild was going down, and Leo was napping in the corner. Wing Chun rushes in. "Captain! You have to see this! It's awful!" Justin perked up and ran alongside Wing while Leo began snoring. "What's up?" Justin asked. Just then, a Monquistion fleet appears. "Oh, please. These guys are not even a challenge anymore." Justin came back with a large cannon, but instead of a broadside, they fired bananas all mushed up. The Monquistadors did not take this insult lightly and Justin pulled out one of his many large hammers. "now you monkey's head on back before I really mash you up." They fleet fled, but not before Justin used his special 'throw random object' and hit them with boxes of pumpkins. "And that is how you scare off the entire Monquistan army! I'll be in my office." And Justin walked back up to his room at the top of the hideout.

Mar 10, 2013
Thanks guys, I've really enjoyed reading your awesome stories! Keep it up!
Ambitious Natalie Brewster