Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day!
I never heard of this before but I love the idea. I for one totally appreciate our beloved One-Eyed Jack and can only imagine the headaches we must give him as he does such a great job making this message board family such a wonderful place to come to. Jack is always there hovering in the background making sure we all stay safe and have a happy environment to come to on these great boards. You really work hard for us Jack and I notice even though I probably have no true idea all the work he really does.
*Lifts up tankard of Yum in Jack's honor and raises them again for recognition to Blind Mew, Ratbeard, Madame Vadima, Frogfather, Sarah Steele, Mordekai, Ol Fish Eye, Morgan Lafitte, The Commodore, Johnny Ringo & last but not even close to least Captain Avery. (Halfway through this Bonnie Anne rushes in to support the yum lifting arm and helps to raise & lower it).*
All of you guys ROCK.

Thank you, Chrissy!

It was definitely a nice surprise to see all of the wonderful comments here, on Pirate101 Central, and over Twitter. You all really made my day.

And, thank you to all the wonderful players we have. Our community is top notch, and this fun-loving, scurvy bunch of message board pirates makes my job much less painful with your positive vibes, fun natures, and just being the most awesome crew of Pirates out there.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Keep up the fantastic work Jack- you are doing an amazing job of making the boards a great place to interact and share all things Pirate101. I can only begin to imagine all the hours you must spend coordinating and moderating. You clearly care about the people and posters on the boards and the entire Pirate101 community and family. A big THANKS for all that you do.

Everyone at Kingsisle deserves a thunderous round of applause, a shout of praise from Skull Mountain and a well earned pat on the back. Just keep doin' what ye be doing and we be a happy crew.

Gunner's Mate
Dec 29, 2012
No finer people to honor than the CMs over at KI.

Thanks Jack for keeping us informed, pestering the team there with our questions, checking on updates and moderating the boards (among all the other activities you are involved with). You have definitely earned a glass of Yum at Pirate's Pub.