Be Mine Beginner
Oct 28, 2010
So, I receved a letter in the mail from Kingsisle. I solved the clues and double checked on this website. Then I tried to enter the code. I enter the first four parts of it and then I can't enter anymore of it. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Be Mine Beginner
Jun 08, 2011
Be Mine Beginner
Jun 17, 2009
Were we suppose to get it the email today? I've yet to receive one. I hope they didn't forget me!

Be Mine Beginner
Oct 08, 2012
I finally got my map, solved all the clues, and double-checked the answers on the website just to be sure. I keep getting the message that my code is incorrect. I know I am entering it correct. I have one symbol that looks like two lower case e's. I have tried them as l's and as upper case e's. That is the only thing I could possibly be entering wrong. Any idea?

Try the lower case e's as uppercase Q's.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*