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Class Trainer Room expansions?

Oct 26, 2012
With the release of the new hoodoo bundle, witchdoctors have a pretty cool lab. In is dang amazing and it has great graphics and effects. In central, before it was discovered that this item belonged in the hoodoo bundle, people speculated and guessed that some of our class trainers wee going to get a ooh la la upgrade to thier own residings. I was wondering if this is possible to include. Imagine having that trapdoor expansion in Vadimas place, except this time it's bigger and for a lot of people to see. Now here I go again with new ideas:

1.) Witchdoctors
These guys get a massive lab very similar to the one in the hoodoo bundle. There will be 5 of those pit thingies in a circle formation, with one massive one in the center. There will be flames and fire and skulls and mushrooms. It will be accessed by a trapdoor in Witchdoctor HQ (forgot the name sorry)

2.) Buccaneers

Well with Mordekai being a shark, it seems nice to include an Aquarium styled cave here. Except this time we will have a few megalodons (search that up to be ) roaming in murky water. Sunken ghost ships and a treasure hoard would be cool too. There is the trap door leading here too.

3.) Musks
Barad Dur with pirate swag.

4.) Privateers
Very epic Naval table. May need some developers touch to make it more interesting

5.) Swashes
Something with lava.