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Chat Blocked

Oct 05, 2012
So ever since I PURCHASED membership I just can't chat anymore, and I mean I just can't- the chat box wont even show up. I have even tried to look up in the website if it's blocked but nothing. The options in the game wont fix it by what I saw, and the fact that I can't see others chatting makes me angry too (I know this because I was with my brother questing and he could see people chat and chat as well but I could not)

I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else by any chance, I know all the bugs that have been appearing up lately keep you guys busy but I would love to get a response <asap>

Also, the dodge rate on many creatures needs to be looked at, especially those pesky Scorpions. >_<

Sep 14, 2011
Hello Caosclaws,

same thing happened to me, I found out later on that I had accidentally blocked myself. I have no idea how, but when I unblocked, it worked.

Try to see if you have blocked yourself as well, if you have, unblock and it might help.