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Cat Pirate Companion

May 02, 2009
I noticed for a while now that all side companions, having one critical or not, get a new look, new epics, and a new attack, except for the Cat Pirate(Corsair). I have him at level 47 and he hasn't gotten another promotion (which I'm fine with) but he still does his same simple slash with both swords. Is he going to get a new attack or is this just a bug and I should've posted this in The Bilge Pump?

May 06, 2009
Yeah, I noticed that as well. I haven't promoted my Cat Pirate (Steady Charlie Hawkins) yet but, as you put it, yeah unlike most side companions, he gets no new attack. I think KI did this on purpose because since the bundle was to never, and I quote, -NEVER- be re-released or even face-lifted, they didn't want to overpower the companion and multiple people wouldn't be able to get it and it would be kinda like a show-off companion no one could get. But considering the whole Ninja Pig companion thing, this may not be the case.

Maybe the actual Cat Pirate mob is just like that and they're was like point in redoing him or adding a new attack. Or the Cat Pirate never had another attack. I don't know, but I agree, he could use another attack, other than his Critical, or another promotion. One more talent would really make him useful in battle. Just leveling up his Accuracy, Dodge, Health, Amor, and Resist is great, but it's really hard to keep him alive in battle, as he is. If he's anything but third place that is. He's a great finish-offer when an enemy as taken some serious hits from Sarah Steele or Subodai or Kobe.

Cunning Finnigan Sharp
Level 17 Swashbuckler

Nov 12, 2012
I know this is off topic but...
I want a cat pirate!!! :D