Card Cards and Item Usage...

Feb 07, 2014
I recently purchased the $39.00 Cutthroat Bundle and activated the card.

The main question/issue I have is the fact of paying $40.00 and not being able to use my ship unless I want to lock it into a lower level.
Of course doing so will render it useless later on, since it will not meet the higher level, nor can I transfer it to a lower level alternate.

I honestly think Kingsisle should not make people choose a level for their ship. Why can't ships level with your character since there are many, many missions that require killing other ships?

So, I have to wait 30+ (I think when I purchased it was 40+) levels in order to use my new ship. By the time I get to use it the pleasure of the purchase is long gone and there will likely be other ships that would be worth purchasing.

The current system is not very player friendly and people should not have to spend a fair amount of money for items they can not use until much later if they wish to maximize the purchase.