can pirate101 be downloadable on phones

Nov 21, 2010
ccan it be downloadable on phones

Hi! Sorry, Pirate101 is not available as a mobile phone app. For more information on System Requirements, please see this page here.

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Be Mine Beginner
Aug 29, 2011
Maybe the actual game can't be available on a phone, but make something like grub guardian for pirate101. Like, you could train your companions in fun and exciting games.

Dreamy Dreamer
Oct 15, 2012
well hopefully this guy ment the website

Be Mine Beginner
Dec 31, 2012
It's gonna be pretty hard to play on a teeny tiny screen like a smartphone, in my opinion. And considering all the stuff on screen (health, mojo, ship health, boost, menu, friends list, teleport buttons, map button, ship abilities etc.) it's gonna get pretty crowded quickly.

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