Building Lesser Companions: Froggies And Troggies

Gunner's Mate
Feb 12, 2015
Hello all!

As promiced, I am continuing Building Lesser Companions, now with multiple companions at once!
(these topics describe ideas on building companions less often seen on the battlefield)

This topic goes over 4 frog companions, as follows:

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah is unlocked in the Crown Shop after earning the badge "Troggy Chief Tamer" by defeating him in the sacrifice cave, 25 times!

The Yule Trogg is a Christmas exclusive from the Crown Shop

Tricky Vinny is obtained by Swashbucklers during the quest "The Great Infestation"

Mistle Toad is another Christmas exclusive

Here are my opinions on this quartet

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah appears to be more of a Musketeer in desingn than a Witchdocter (for one, he never seems to fizzle) and can actually be quite decent. He can be a bit difficult to get going, but when he does, the results are devastating.

The Yule Trogg is... not all that good. He can only learn three Epic Talents, but ideas are appreciated!

Tricky Vinny looks like he's designed to strike at ranged enemies' attempts to attack him, while being able to take a bit of damage.

The Mistle Toad appears to be similar to Tricky Vinny in Stats and Epic Talents

Feel free to publish any and all ideas on building these croaking companions. All thoughts are accepted!

Feb 24, 2015
For Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah I usually give him Mojo Echo 3 and Mojo Rising 2. He seems to chain a lot, especially since I am a Witchdoctor. For Talents, 4 Accuracy 4 Tough 3 Spirited and 3 Rough is the best I could get.

Tricky Vinny is a pretty good Musketeer counter. I give him Quick Draw 2 and True Grit 2, which allows Muskets to keep chaining onto him which in turn, lets him hit more as well. I then give him Double Tap as he has a Mega Strike. and I play a support style of gameplay so criticals are more common with buffs. For Talents, 4 Accuracy 4 Tough 3 Agile and 3 Rough.

It's difficult to work with the companions that get less Talents than usual.

Petty Officer
May 25, 2012
I also have Eep on my Privateer's crew, with similar abilities. Give him a Will boost or two and an accuracy boost, and he's single- handedly taken out multiple enemies. I use him quite frequently.

Eep is oddly bugged in that if he gets knocked out during a fight as a crew member, then that will count toward someone else's count of 25 to unlock him. My Eep got knocked out the other night, and my frequent adventuring partner got the badge and the Crown Shop unlock for defeating him 25 times. I can only assume that it's counting the defeat of Eep during a fight, rather than the completion of that specific fight in which you have to rescue the Monquistan.

Able Caleb Tolliver
Dark Dante Tolliver

Gunner's Mate
Feb 12, 2015
I agree with everyone here; Eep is pretty good fighter. I'm surprised I don't see him in use more often; the only one I've seen use him is me myself!

As for Yule Trogg... he's another story. He would show promise if he got more Epic Talents. I think you'll agree with me that he REALLY needs a promotion or two

Tricky Vinny and Mistle Toad look like Reaction Fighters; that is, fighters that respond to enemy attacks. Giving them good ranks of Quick Draw and True Grit, as well as one of Double Tap for his Epic Strike seems like the best option.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
All of the Holiday companions suffer from lack of epic talents/promotions.

Yule Trogg has almost no armor and zero resist to begin with, so he's got that working against him as well. His shield needs to provide him more protection, or he should have the agility of a swashbuckler to compensate. Having him appear in a crew does kind of guarantee he'll go on Bed Rest as a result unless he gets really, really lucky.