Buccaneer's Room

May 02, 2009
If you are a buccaneer and need help come here for advice from your fellow Buccaneers!

Oct 01, 2010
I'm currently a lvl 11 Buccaneer so I've only gotten and spent one training point so far. I after looking at all other schools, i picked the first Privateer healing talent: Rouse. I think the best secondary for Buccaneers would be Privateer because of 2 reasons:
1. Both rely on Smash/ Slashy weapons which are both Stregth related weapons, so talents from both schools could boost the use of those weapons.
2. Because Privateers can learn healing talents, it's best for pretty much all other classes to learn those healing talents, for those times when you're in serious need of healing.

See ye in the Spiral and Skyways:
Priate101: Humble Jack Jackson, lvl 11 Buccaneer
Wizard101: Paul Legenddreamer, lvl 79 death
Jack Legenddreamer, lvl 53 balance
Aedan Legenddreamer, lvl 37 fire