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Brand New Bundle Ideas

Petty Officer
May 17, 2011
I have a few bundles that I have made up. If you have a bundle of your own, feel free to post it here!

The Sweet Treats Bundle (mostly a joke, but would still be cool)

House: The Candy Manor. It is in Candy World, the world from which Professor Greyrose from Wizard101 comes from. Here, you will always have something to nibble on, like the cookie pathways, the candy cane lamp posts, or even your own gingerbread house! Not only that, but the place comes with a gobbler housekeeper that is constantly freeing up space (if you know what I mean)!
Companion: Gingerbread Warrior (because gingerbread men are obviously warrior material, right?).

Weapon: The Cane Sniper, a candy cane that was improvised into a gun (don't ask how they got all the gunpowder and gun stuff in)!

Armor: The Gumdrop Guard Armor, armor used by the elite Gumdrop Guard!

Pet: The Pie Rat, a rat too dignified to live in a hole... so he decided to move into a pie. He had a good life in his very dignified pie... until he realized that his name was a pun on Pirate.

Game Offers: 10,000 crowns, 1 year membership to Pirate101, or a years supply of cookies!!!

So that is my first idea. I may or may not post some more bundle ideas, depending on whether I like them or not, but you can still post your ideas.