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Bloody Sam Quick

Apr 27, 2012
listen i have moderator friend on pirate101 gruesome kendrick somethig and he was gonna make tha game harder for one of my other great friends and other players Cruel billy maxwell is his name he called him a ninja but he was a samoorai he like a samoorais its his opioin but then i asked kendrick why he is doing this please get gruesome kendrick to stop this madness for everyone -Bloody Sam Quick- level forty five swash buckler

Apr 15, 2011
What you're saying is a little hard to understand, but what I'm getting from it is that Gruesome Kendrick (who you're not sure what his last name is) is claiming to be a mod. No Pirate101 mod would change the game for a specific person, as that would cause unneeded trouble for everyone. Claiming to be a moderator is a reportable offense. In Wizard101 there was a badge all moderators had, but I'm not too sure for Pirate101. Next time you see him, report him and we'll see if this post gets the attention of the mods.

Ruthless Rebecca Radcliffe

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Lol sounds like Kendrick has delusions of grandeur. I seriously doubt he has that kind of power over the game. Many people and a huge process goes into the plot line of this game and how and when it gets harder. I am sure that Ratbeard can tell you with certainty that no one at KingsIsle is going to make the game harder just to get back at someone. Never fear.